Avalanche 818 -

sire of 270 and 1020

1020 At Flush Facility

MDM Samarinda 270 is a top Avalanche daughter who is also a full sibling to Crump Forever West 2102 - our high selling bull in 2013 who sold to Bryce Risa, Opheim, MT. 270 has put together an impressive resume and comes from multiple generations of high end producing cows that know how to make a living in the rough Powder River breaks. 

220 At Flush Facility

1339 At Flush Facility

MDM Susie 1339 is a pasture proven donor who is backed by a cow family whose strength is unmatched in the breed.  Her progeny consistently demonstrate power, muscle, pounds and structural integrity.  Her sons have regularly been chosen by seed stock producers. 

Crump Emma 220 is a ranch favorite that sports a great performance record and, more importantly, has an ideal brood cow look - deep, angular and fleshy.  She has flawless feet and udder qualities.  Big, broody, and deep bodied with square, ideal udders, our 8628 daughters are repeatedly the best in our herd.  As we were searching for - and not finding - the right 8628 son to influence our program, 220 was rising to the top of our program both on paper and in phenotype. We believe that 220 will leave a valuable influence on our cowherd as well as our customers. 

MDM Vernice 1020 is a powerful Avalanche daughter with an incredibly deep hip.  She is a capacious cow that stays fat all year long while raising calves with look and performance.  1020 is a cow to build a herd around.  Use her sons to add fleshing ability and carcass traits while improving udder and feet quality.