Crump Red Angus Bull Development

Our bulls are developed at home in a 40 acre pasture where they walk uphill to water and downhill to feed. The bulls are thrifty but not fat; hard and trim but not thin. Bulls that are physically fit when they are turned out will breed more cows because they will retain a higher level of libido longer. The lack of a mud and manure mire that this set up provides is ideal to get young bull's hooves hardened and accustomed to walking. This method of bull development provides a proper environment in which to effectively asses genetic differences. All of the bulls are fed together - not sorted by size - which makes an intact contemporary group and results in more accurate data. The bulls are hand fed a limited ration of bull developer pellet and native grass hay with a target gain of three pounds a day. This dry ration closely mimics real world conditions and enables the bulls to easily transition to feed conditions anywhere. Finally, we've incorporated flax seed oil into our ration in an effort to assure intake of omega 3 fatty acids which have been shown to help in the development of reproductive tracts. Every detail of this development program plays a strategic role in our ability to deliver a bull that will work hard for you!