81 bulls averaged $8,531
Lot 12 – Crump Magnitude 5507 sold for $18,000 to Red Path Cattle, Banner, WY
Lot 3 - Crump Velocity 5515 sold for $17,000 to Turkey Track Livestock, Douglas, WY

Lot 2 – Crump The Beast 5125 sold for $15,500 to Cutting Edge Ranch, Steele, ND
Lot 34 – Crump Runaway 599 sold for $14,500 to Ginger Barber, Edgar, MT
Lot 38 – Crump Runaway 5139 sold for $13,500 to Dennis Miller, Rozet, WY

Donor Cow
Lot 95 – MLK CRK Sheba 048 sold for $7,500 to Dean Wang, Baker, MT
Commercial Heifers
40 Commercial Red Angus Replacement Heifers averaged $1,470
Semen Packages
12 Straws of Beckton Julian GG B571 sold to Rhodes Red Angus for $225 per straw
1 Package of TR Julian LT151 sold to Rhodes Red Angus for $1,800

Volume Buyers were Dennis Miller and Red Path Cattle.

Once again our family was blessed beyond words at the number of people who took the time to consider our cattle, watch or attend our sale and who purchased our cattle. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!