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About Crump Red Angus

Thank you for taking the time to look at our website. Our website is like our herd - a work in progress. We are constantly trying to take better, more up-to-date pictures that represent our herd and the environment they are in. Here is some more information that you may not get from the pictures...

Crump Land and Livestock is a family ranching operation with three generations of family members working together in different aspects of the industry, including raising wheat, yearlings and commercial cows in addition to the purebred cows.


We are located in the north east corner of Wyoming. It is a beautiful, rugged area that doesn't get a lot of moisture. Because of the distance our cows must go to water and the terrain that they feed in, good feet are a must. We are always striving for good udders as well.


Our slogan “Hard Working Bulls and Functional Females – A Combination of Quality” describes our goal for our herd. In our opinion a functional cow is a moderate framed cow with spring of rib and lots of volume.

We breed for what we call Smooth Power – bulls that are powerful without being rough or “piecey”. We breed for as much power in our cattle as the rough Wyoming country and limited feed inputs will allow while maintaining moderate birth weights.

A hard working bull should have natural muscling which enables him to stay in good condition while still covering cows efficiently. He should have the foot structure and physical capability to be able to maintain soundness in any terrain. He should have enough ambition to get cows covered while still having a calm disposition when being handled.

We believe that we have a unique bull development program. The bulls are developed at home in a large pasture where they walk uphill to water and downhill to feed. The bulls are thrifty but not fat, hard and trim but not thin. Bulls that are physically fit when they are turned out will breed more cows because they will retain a higher level of libido longer. The lack of a mud and manure mire that this set up provides is ideal to get young bull’s hooves hardened and accustomed to walking.

This method of bull development provides a proper environment in which to effectively assess genetic differences. All of the bulls are fed together – not sorted by size – which makes an intact contemporary group and results in more accurate data.


The bulls are hand fed a limited ration of bull developer pellet and native grass hay twice a day with a target gain of three pounds a day. This dry ration closely mimics real world conditions and enables the bulls to easily transition to feed conditions anywhere. Finally, we’ve incorporated flax seed oil into our ration in an effort to assure intake of Omega 3 Fatty Acids which have been shown to help in the development of reproductive tracts.

Of course, anyone who has cattle knows that traits you don't want can take years to rid your herd of and traits you desire to have can take even longer to get. Even though we cull hard and are cautious in purchasing cows or choosing sires, our herd is still evolving into what we want it to be. Most of all, we recognize the impact that our bulls can have on a ranchers paycheck and take the responsibility of providing bulls that will benefit them very seriously.


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Jesse and Charity Crump, Managers
David, Carter, Titus, Willow, and Echo
966 Middle Prong Road
Gillette, WY 82716
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