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Looking at the Muleshoe Heifers with Bing McGuire and Manfred Rietsch

Looking at Matt and Karen Disney’s bred heifers.

Traits That Are Important To Us:

Rapidly converting grass into beef
More pounds at pay weight; earlier fertility in females
Structural Correctness and Good Feet
Our pastures are big and our cows cover a lot of rough country
Every measurable trait is taken on both bulls and heifers - including carcass ultrasound data and yearling weights. In addition, every animal on our place has been genomically tested utilizing the 80K technology.

Functional Females
Cows that themselves possess and raise calves that exhibit the traits that are important to us while withstanding the challenges our environment and terrain present. It is from this kind of cow that you will get Hardworking Bulls.

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Red Angus Cattle In North East Wyoming
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Red Angus Cows
BUF CRK Primrose U021
Red Angus Bulls For Sale
MDM Samarinda 270
Red Angus Breeders In Wyoming
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Jesse and Charity Crump, Managers
David, Carter, Titus, Willow, and Echo
966 Middle Prong Road
Gillette, WY 82716
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